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Rasayana - Bliss Ayurveda Health Village

“Ayurveda advocate that leading a healthy and happy life is the fundamental duty of  a human being. In the quest of achieving, this prevention of the disease is the prerequisite.”

Longevity while retarding the process of ageing  and strengthening of positive factor in a human being are a must through which prevention can be realized to its fullest potential this condition of health par excellence becomes possible by rasayana one of the eight clinical specialty of Ayurveda. Promotion of the health is  main  objective of Ayurveda which is achieved by the unique modality mentioned in Ayurveda called rasayana or rejuvenation.

 This unique class of therapy  enhances the life span, delays aging, improves the intelligence and memory power, promotes health, provides youthful states of the body, betters the body lustier, complexion, and voice improves the efficiency of the different cognitive abilities and enhances the innate health. It also reverses the disease process and prevents the re-occurrence. There are many individual fruits, herbs,  spices and minerals  in Ayurveda that are considered rasayanas. Indian Gooseberry, Asphalatum, and Withinia somnifera  are some of the king Rasayna mentioned by ayurvedic seers.