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Ojas: Finest Essence Of All The Seven Dhatus - Bliss Ayurveda Health Village

Ojas is the finer essence of all the seven dhatus (body tissues) known as end product of supreme digestion. It is the innate health of the body or in other words optimal health itself. It is the central co-coordinator between mind and body. It maintains the functional and structural integrity of body and mind when in proper state and it becomes the cause of death if not in proper state. It is the governing factor of the body which ensures the proper functioning of all the systems, organs and maintains proper co-ordination of mind, body and emotions.

As Ayurveda advocates that health is that state where mind, body, sprit, emotions and senses are all in perfect balance and the factor which keeps them in balance is Ojas. If Ojas is not in proper state then co-ordination of mind, body and senses with emotions and spirit is not possible.  Ojus is enhanced by  following judicial lifestyles, nourishing diet and cosuming ayurvedic Rasayna or rejuvenative agents  such as amalaki, asparagus etc.  It takes care of body in two forms.

Para Ojas-> It is located in hridya. Due to its destruction death occurs. Takes care of mental and emotional well being (Hridya is defined as the seat of emotions and spirit)

Apara Ojas->Located all over the body .Helps in promoting strength of the body. Takes care of physical well being.