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Ancient Ayurvedic sages : Panchkarma - Bliss Ayurveda Health Village

Panchkarma is a Cleansing and Rejuvenating program for the Mind, Body and Consciousness. These practices are extremely helpful in relieving Chronic & deep-seated disorders as well as being beneficial for maintaining and improving physical and mental health.

Ancient Ayurvedic sages have mentioned Panchkarma as various Purificatory and Revitalizing measures to cleanse the micro and macro channels of the biological system which is essential to permit free flow of nutrients, energies and medicaments to the body tissues besides permitting the free passage of excreta and toxins out of the system. This unique Ayurvedic therapy is to answer the challenge in negating the detrimental effect of the changed environment and day to day stress and is known for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness and self-healing.

In long term it helps to achieve longevity and brings life-enhancing energy thereby increasing Vitality, Beauty, Inner Peace, Confidence and Well-being.

We provide a range of Panchkarma treatments programs which includes main procedures pre and post Panchkarma procedures, specialized therapies and relaxing SPA treatments. These treatments can be taken by following Daycare program and In Residence packages.

The main Panchkarma procedures include:

  1. Vamana- Therapeutic emesis
  2. Virechan- Therapeutic purgation
  3. Vasti- Therapeutic enema with herbal decoction and oil
  4. Nasya- Therapeutic Nasal cleansing of Herbal oil
  5. Raktamokshna- Leech therapy

We are providing 40 specialized treatments as part of our Panchkarma program. Some of the procedures are-

SAMALAY ABHYANGA: Traditional synchronized full body massage in rhythmic and harmonic manner with warm medicated herbal oil.

Benefits: Induces deep relaxation, Nourishes and Rejuvenate skin, improves physical consistency, liquefy and eliminate toxins. It is helpful in Vata related disorders, Low Energy, Stress & Muscular pain.

SARVANGA SWEDANA: Herbalized Steam treatment of whole body with natural aroma of herbs which opens up the clogged channels at all levels and removes mala (toxic materials with sweat) from body.

Benefits: Cleanses skin and body, maintains proper flow of energy and enhances flexibility of joints and muscles.

SHIRODHARA: Shirodhara is a traditional deep relaxation technique by pouring 2-3 liters of Herbalized oil in form of continuous stream, on forehead in a rhythmic manner which pacifies and revitalizes Mind and Body. It has intense rejuvenating and anti aging, effect normalizes sleep pattern, improves memory and is so relaxing that you sleep or transcend within 5-10 minutes on the treatment table itself.

Benefits: Enhances memory & concentration, promotes mental clarity, normalizes sleep pattern and rejuvenates whole body.

Also helpful in disorders like Anxiety, Insomnia, Overactive mind, Restlessness, Psychosomatic problems, Neurological disorders, Headaches and Hair problems. 

PIZHICHIL: Bliss Ayurveda Health Center is doing Pizhichil by using a fully automatic soundless machine which pours several streams of 10 liters of Herbalized oil all over the body in a uniform manner with a simultaneous synchronized massage by two technicians which give profound relaxing, rejuvenating and deep Vata pacifying effects. This special Pizhichil helps soothe emotions and purifies mind and body.

Benefits: Nourishes body tissues, Lubricates joints, enhances flexibility in body, Promotes mental relaxation, all benefits of Abhyanga and Swedana.

Helpful in: Muscular and neural disorders, Arthritis, Degenerative problems, Paralysis and general weakness.

PATRA POTTALI: It is a highly rejuvenating treatment in which fresh herbal leaves are fried with several beneficial herbal ingredients (different herbal powders, herbal oil) and tied into cloth, dipped into warm medicated oil and used for massaging the body.

Benefits: Cleanses up to deepest layers, normalizes inflammation and swelling.

Helpful in: Stiffness and pain in muscles & joints, Spondylitis, Slipped disc, Neuritis.

NASYA: A complete traditional Nasya involves administration of medicated oil through the nose which is preceded by head and face massage and herbal steam inhalation.

Benefits: It cleanses accumulated toxins from sinuses, head and neck region. Detoxifies and rejuvenate nasal mucosa, gives glowing & healthy look to face.

Helpful in: Nasal Allergies, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Nasal Polyps, Stiffness of the neck, Neurological dysfunctions, Eye problems and Migraine.

MRIDA CHIKITSA– SPA Skin Treatment using Mud Therapy with Herbalized Milk bath and followed by Rose petal face massage.

UDVARTANA– Anti obesity massage with fat burning herbal paste

NAVARAKIZHI– Medicated Navara rice bundle Massage prepared in Herbalized milk

NETRA TARPAN– Eye cleansing and nourishing treatment

PARISHEKA– Pouring of herbalized water on whole body

NIROOH VASTI– Excellent Ayurveda enema therapy with herbal decoction

ANUVASAN VASTI– Enema therapy with medicated oil that lubricate colon & strengthen natural peristaltic movement

KATI VASTI– Pleasant warm medicated oil reservoir on lumber area

HRIDYA VASTI– Special treatment for balancing emotional heart

CHAKRAVARTI VASTI– Special treatment for balancing & nourishing naval chakra