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Quality Control - Bliss Ayurveda Health Village



Bliss Ayurveda in its quality policy has promised purity, quality and adherence to the traditional texts which means that you can be confident that you are getting the best in herbal formulations—a True Fusion of the Ancient and Modern. Our statement logo “Silver leaf” surrounded by the text” History for a Better Life” represents our mission to join the precious ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Vedic Medicine with a history of 5000 years with modern scientific research and parameters to improve the quality of life of a common person.


Manufactured in a facility using prominent & important certificates for quality.



The Good Manufacturing Practices Certification is awarded for manufacturing and delivering consistently effective, safe and reliable products batch after batch.


WHO cGMP Certified

WHO has established detailed guidelines for the Good Manufacturing Practice which ensures that the products are consistently produced & controlled.



Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points requires a close focus on achieving step by step process quality at all stages of production identified as critical points.


ISO 9000 Certified

ISO certification is the International standards for assessing management, testing and manufacturing for production companies.


Bliss Ayurveda’s 12 Steps of Quality Control

01. Collection of Herbs from Wild and natural sources
02. Transport to Bliss Ayurveda Manufacturing Unit
03. Sample taken and Herb Identification carried out
04. Identified Sample sent for Quality Control Testing
05. Cleaning, Washing and Grinding of Approved Herbs
06. Extraction of Herb extracts in powder form and sent for Quality Testing
07. Approved Herbal extracts and Herbs taken for R&D sample batch
08. R & D Samples sent for QC testing both to In-house and outside labs
09. If samples Approved then main production batch taken
10. Semi finished products tested in In-house labs for various parameters
11. Finished products again sent for Quality control testing
12. If approved then Final product ready for Consumption and Export

Procurement of Herbs


Herbs are procured from wild sources or are either grown organically or in a natural habitat. The herbs are procured at the time of the season when their quality and freshness are at their peak. The main sources of herbs are vast Himalayan Mountain and associated forests, Central India states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh, Northeastern part of India and Kerala. The Tablet size of 1000 mg is kept to provide the optimum dosage of Herbs according to classical Ayurveda texts instead of an inadequate dose of 300 mg to 500 mg which many companies are doing to reduce cost. This makes Bliss Ayurveda products quick-acting and effective.

General Examination 


This includes physical examination of herbs using the senses of sight, smell, and touch by the Ayurvedic Herbs Identification Experts and Vaidyas. Then they are all examined using HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography) to chemically identify and ensure the potency. Finally, dried herbs are subjected to tests in accordance with the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia of India to reveal the solids, active ingredients, and ash contents present in the plants to check whether they are within the recommended reference range. Our herbal formulas represent the authentic wisdom from the ancient Ayurvedic texts, complemented by modern scientific research and leading-edge technologies in manufacturing and quality control. You can be confident that you are getting the best in herbal formulations – A True fusion of the Ancient and Modern.

Standardized herbal extracts


Bliss Ayurveda also uses standardized herbal extracts so that the consistency and therapeutic efficacy of the herbs are maintained. Examined and approved Herbs and Herb extracts are analyzed for microbiological examination, pesticides contents, and heavy metals. Only if each batch of herbs meets our stringent standards of high quality, we release them for further use. Bliss Ayurveda products are formally registered by the Ministry of Health or competent authorities on Herbal Food Supplements in Italy, Norway, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia. This proves our expertise in designing product formulations according to the Laws and quality control regulations of respective countries.

Residual Pesticides Analysis

This analysis is done by using GC-MS

Although we use only those herbs which are wildly crafted or either grown organically or in a natural habitat even send our herbs for residual pesticides like alpha and beta HCN, Gamma HCN, DDT, and Linden, etc. This analysis is done by using GC-MS (Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry), one of the most sophisticated and advanced instruments to detect residual pesticides. Applying the Ancient knowledge of Ayurveda in a modern context & conveying its potent healing potential to improve the quality of health & life of an individual and society in general. Bliss Ayurveda is a company with a proven track record worldwide, while there are other companies that claim to offer similar opportunities. The synergistic combination of Herbs, for better results, better absorption, and better digestion, follow standard specifications of Disintegration Time tablets take to dissolve in the stomach (30-60 min).


No need to worry about heavy metal contamination

If you are taking Bliss Ayurveda’s Herbal Products, then there is literally no need to worry about heavy metal contamination. We follow our own strict standards to monitor ingredients, processing and finished products. First each batch of herbs is tested, and then each batch of finished product undergoes a battery of tests in state-of-the-art Govt. approved testing laboratories. Our products are tested for Heavy Metals like Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and Mercury. These tests are done by using ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry), one of the most advanced and accurate instrument with minimum or no interference of two metals. It can detect even the minutest traces of Heavy Metals up to the level of Parts Per Billion (PPB). In order to keep ourselves much ahead of market standards we follow very stringent heavy metal limits.

Our limits are as follows:
S.No. Heavy Metals Maximum Limit
1 Lead 3.00 (PPM/Tablet)
2 Cadmium 0.30 (PPM/Tablet)
3 Mercury 0.50 (PPM/Tablet)
4 Arsenic 1.00 (PPM/Tablet)


Subjected to microbiological testing at different stages

Every batch of herbs is subjected to microbiological testing at different stages like Raw Herbs, R&D and semi-finished and finished products. The testing is done in our own well equipped and certified laboratory. Test methods we use are in accordance with IP (Indian Pharmacopoeia) and BP (British Pharmacopoeia). We adhere to the microbiological standards provided by European Pharmacopoeia.

We follow following maximum limits:
S.No. Heavy Metals Maximum Limit Unit
1 Total viable count 1 x 107 CFU / gram
2 Coliform 37oC 1 x 103 per / gram
3 Coliform 44oC 1 x 102 per / gram
4 Enterococcus 1 x 104 per / gram
5 Staphylococcus aureus 1 x 102 per / gram
6 Bacillus cereus 1 x 103 per / gram
7 Clostridium perfringens 1 x 102 per / gram
8 Moulds & Yeast 1 x 103 per / gram
9 Salmonella Positive / Negative per / gram