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Mega Celebration on 5th Anniversary of Bliss Ayurveda’s Russian Distributor ‘TRADO’

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Bliss Ayurveda’s Russian Distributor ‘TRADO’ celebrated its 5th foundation day. The Grand event was organised on 19, 20 and 21 June at a river side Resort – Club Hotel Voskresenskoe in the beautiful picturesque town of Voskresenskoe near Moscow.

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Bliss Ayurveda Products Ad created by Italian TV channel Telepavia

Dr. Nitin Agrawal’s Interview on Indian National TV

Dr. Nitin Agrawal taking an Ayurveda Course in Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr. Nitin Agrawal presenting in Ayurveda Class, Norway

Dr. Nitin Agrawal Delivering Ayurveda Lecture in Rome, Italy

Dr. Nitin Agrawal During a Lecture on Ayurveda in Washington DC USA

Dr. Nitin Agrawal on Croatian National TV Zagreb Croatia, 2008

Bliss Ayurveda USA Team Discussing about Bliss Ayurveda Products North Carolina, USA, Nov. 2010

Dr. Nitin Agrawal during a lecture on Ayurveda in North Carolina, USA, 2010

Dr. Nitin Agrawal’s Lecture in St. Petersburg Russia 2010

Dr. Nitin Agrawal Addressing a Class on Ayurveda in Italy (2009)

Dr. Nitin Agrawal Addressing a Conference of Health Professionals at Copenhagen, Denmark 2009