Russian Group’s Visit & Workshop at Bliss Ayurveda Health Center

A Group of six Persons from Russia visited Bliss Ayurveda India’s Health Center from 24 Oct 2012 – 27 Oct 2012 to undertake a Workshop on Ayurveda, Panchkarma and information about Bliss Ayurveda Products. These Russian people are prominent distributors of Trado club (Russian counterpart of Bliss Ayurveda) & healthcare professionals who aim to learn about Ayurveda and incorporate this knowledge in their practice, so as to provide holistic healing to their patients in Russia. This visit was organized by our Russian Distributor – Trado as part of ‘Best performance award’ in developing business in Russia. The Group was headed by Dr. Konstantin Zabalotny, leading Nutrition expert of Russia and a TV celebrity.


Bliss Ayurveda Team greeted the Russian people with traditional Indian way- Garland of flowers and Tilak. Dr. Nitin Agrawal, Managing Director of Bliss Ayurveda has shared his priceless experiences on Ayurveda with these groups and discus about quality control of Bliss Ayurveda Products.

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