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Marma Therapy Course (Ayurveda Vital Points) in BAKU - Azerbaijan - Bliss Ayurveda Health Village

Marma Therapy Course (Ayurveda Vital Points) in BAKU – Azerbaijan

Dr. Vikas Kuntail, Marma Therapy Expert and senior Vaidya of Bliss Ayurveda India conducted a Marma Therapy course from 28th Sep.2015 to 12th Oct. 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The course contains description of Ayurveda Marma Points and its Practical importance.

Dr. Vikas gave theoretical explanation as well as demonstration of Marma technique and steps used to perform Marma Massage on different parts of body. Simultaneously he explained the effectiveness of Marma Massage and management of several health problems using this technique.

The Course was organised in Baku, Azerbaijan by Raja Ayurveda MMG, a partner firm of Bliss Ayurveda in Baku (Azerbaijan). The course participants were very satisfied with the course and the concept and planned to organise many such courses in other cities in future.


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