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Launch of Bliss Ayurveda Products in Ukraine

Bliss Ayurveda has achieved another mile stone in its 6 year long history by launching its range of products officially in Republic of Ukraine from – 1st Dec 2011. Ukraine has a rich tradition of using Ayurveda products and there are many doctors and health professionals who are very well trained in Ayurveda. Bliss Ayurveda with its Ukraine counterpart UKRTRADO with its base at Kharkov has started working closely with these doctors/health professionals and other interested people. For more details please visit Continue reading

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Bliss Ayurveda Product reaches at remotest corners of Siberia

Authentic & Quality Products of Bliss Ayurveda are now helping people from the remotest corners of Siberia. Siberia comprises the central and eastern portion of the Russian Federation. The territory of Siberia extended eastward from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific coast, and southward from the Arctic Ocean to the hills of north-central Kazakhstan and the national borders of both Mongolia and China. Continue reading

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Joining is completely “FREE” from 1 Dec 2011

There is no cost to join Bliss Ayurveda India Business from 1st Dec 2011. New Member can choose any of the Bliss Ayurveda Products for purchase at the time of joining.  New joined member has to purchase products of minimum Rs. 1500 at DP (Distributor price) in one stretch within 30 days of the date of joining to become Lifetime Member of Bliss Ayurveda India (otherwise Member’s ID would be terminated automatically). Continue reading

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Bliss Ayurveda in Russia Celebrated its First Birthday

Bliss Ayurveda Russia (Trado) completed one year of operations in Russia and team members were in jubilant mood. The mega event happened in St. Petersburg where members, users and distributors of Bliss Ayurveda products were present. Managing Director of Bliss Ayurveda, Dr. Nitin Agrawal addressed the event over Video Conferencing. Our Russian counterpart Mr. Nicolay Ivanov, President of Trado; Mr. Konstantin Zabolotny, Vice President of Trado and other authorities on Ayurveda and natural health delivered their speech. Continue reading

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