Bliss Ayurveda Organized Ayurveda Consultation and Lecture Programs in France & Germany

Dr. Nitin Agrawal, an Ayurveda Doctor & Managing Director of Bliss Ayurveda has completed his visit to France, Germany and Czech Republic from 20th May to 2nd June 2015. In the first phase of his visit, Dr. Nitin Agrawal visited different cities in Germany and Czech Republic like Munich, Gera, Dresden & Prague for Lectures on Ayurveda & Health at various forums.


In the second phase Dr. Nitin Agrawal visited France, where he gave Ayurveda consultations to 60 persons in Paris and delivered a lecture in a prominent Yoga Studio LE TIGRE among other places. This is the first time that Bliss Ayurveda has started its activities in France and it leads to the foundation of promoting Ayurveda and Bliss Ayurveda Products in France in near future.

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