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Bliss Ayurveda in Russia Celebrated its First Birthday - Bliss Ayurveda Health Village

Bliss Ayurveda in Russia Celebrated its First Birthday

Bliss Ayurveda Russia (Trado) completed one year of operations in Russia and team members were in jubilant mood. The mega event happened in St. Petersburg where members, users and distributors of Bliss Ayurveda products were present. Managing Director of Bliss Ayurveda, Dr. Nitin Agrawal addressed the event over Video Conferencing. Our Russian counterpart Mr. Nicolay Ivanov, President of Trado; Mr. Konstantin Zabolotny, Vice President of Trado and other authorities on Ayurveda and natural health delivered their speech.

Dr. Nitin Agrawal’s Interview on Indian National TV: Dr. Nitin Agrawal is interviewed on “Sahara Samay” – Indian National TV at Bliss Ayurveda Health Center, New Delhi. He elaborated about Shirodhara – the popular Panchkarma technique for de-stressing and enhancing Mental and Emotional wellbeing.


Dr. Nitin Agrawal Addressing Bliss Ayurveda Russian Team on Video Conferencing

Everyone has heard about Vatican City or State of The Vatican City (Stato della Città del Vaticano), the abode of Pope and the smallest country of the world. It is located in the walled Enclave in Rome, Italy. Bliss Ayurveda is happy to share with you that our products are available and sold at The Vatican Pharmacy (Farmacia Vaticana). Even though Bliss Ayurveda products are sold all over Italy for past two years, the presence of Bliss Ayurveda products in The Vatican City gives a privilege with a special feeling.

As the entire Vatican City exudes rich culture and history, Vatican Pharmacy is not behind in that sense. Vatican Pharmacy was founded in 1874 and is one of the busiest pharmacies in world. Our Italian Distributor, Mr. Chander Mukesh told us Bliss Ayurveda Products are selling in good numbers and the pharmacist staff is very appreciative and enthusiastic about them.

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