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4th Anniversary of TRADO – Bliss Ayurveda's Russian Distributor - Bliss Ayurveda Health Village

4th Anniversary of TRADO – Bliss Ayurveda’s Russian Distributor

4th Anniversary of TRADO – Bliss Ayurveda’s Russian Distributor on 14 & 15 June, 2014 at historic Hotel Vega Izmailovo in Moscow

Bliss Ayurveda Organized Ayurveda Consultation and Lecture Programs in Germany & Italy:

Dr. Nitin Agrawal, an Ayurveda Doctor & Managing Director of Bliss Ayurveda has completed his visit to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy from 25th February to 11th March 2014. Recently, 12 Bliss Ayurveda Products were registered with the Ministry of Health of Deutschland after successfully passing all the safety and quality tests at various Government Accredited Laboratories in Germany.

Dr. Norbert Derix, an eminent German Doctor and Managing Director of Bliss Ayurveda Europe, has organized a consultation and lecture program in Munich. Dr. Nitin Agrawal provided Ayurveda consultation with Pulse reading to the number of patients. He also delivered lecture on Basics of Ayurveda as well as detailed information about common problems and their management through Ayurveda and Herbs in Munich.




Dr. Nitin Agrawal also visited Austria and Switzerland to meet some prominent health professionals & Doctors who are interested in Bliss Ayurveda Products and wanted to collaborate with our German company.

In the last phase of his Europe tour, Dr. Nitin Agrawal visited Italy and met many MD doctors in several cities and share their experiences about our products as they have been using our Ayurveda products for many years now. Currently Bliss Ayurveda is selling 15 products covering all aspects of health in Italy and now planning to launch few more products in special category to cater more health issues of Italian People. Dr. Agrawal also provided Ayurveda Consultation with Pulse Reading in a Health Fair in Santa Lucia di Piave in Italy.

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