General Activity




 Mental Activity



 Less Active

 Body Size




 Body Weight

 Under weight




 Small and Active

 Sharp and Sensitive

 Big, Calm & Beautiful


 Dry, Cracked

 Sharp & Often inflamed

 Smooth and Large


 Dry, Rough, Break easily

 Sharp, Flexible, Pink

 Thick, Smooth, Polished


 Dry, Rough, Thin, Cold

 Smooth, Oily, Warm

 Thick, Oily,  White, Cool


 Dry, Black, Brown
 Brittle, Scarce

 Straight, Blond, Gray, Red,
 Tendency to hair loss

 Thick, Oily, Curly


 Thin, Tall


 Big, Folded


 Flat, Sunken


 Expanded, Round


 Thin, Flat, Sunken




 Slender, Thin



 Sweating Tendency


 More &Foul smelling

 Less & Foul smelling

 Social Behavior


 Talk as per need

 Less Social

 Financial Behavior

 Spends money inappropriately

 Spends on luxuries

 Money saver, spends on  food



 Strong, Unbearable

 Slow but steady


 Irregular, Prone to Gas

 Quick, Prone to Acidity






 Bowel Movements


 Loose tendency

 Thick, Oily, Sluggish


 Problem in falling asleep

 Intermittent and breakable sleep

 Always sleepy, Feeling of   drowsiness even after full sleep


 Quick, Many, Fearful

 Fiery, War, Violence

 Lakes, Snow, Romantic


 Recent good, Remote poor


 Slow and sustained


 Anxiety, Fear, Uncertainty

 Anger, Jealousy

 Calm and Sophisticated


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